Why choose Legacy Services
• Locally owned and operated company. Our owner goes out on every single appointment to assure her level of cleaning.
• We bring our own supplies so you never have to worry about doing last minute cleaning supply shopping.
• Licensed, bonded and insured to make sure you have peace of mind.
• Low up front pricing means you know exactly what you’re getting with Legacy Service.
Fill out the form or call us at 720 689-3472 to talk to one of our trained cleaning professionals.


Offers cleaning services for homes, offices, post construction, move-in and move-out as well as green cleaning safe for pets and newborns.
Legacy Services is family-owned and operated right here in Colorado. Since our company opened its doors in 2014, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.



Moving out? WE LOVE MOVE OUT CLEANINGS! Get your cleaning deposit back with Standard Cleaning Services and our low flat rate pricing.
Special flat rate pricing. We’re there as long as you need us for one low price.
If you are leaving your apartment or rental and need to get your deposit back we can help. When you use our move out cleaning service you can be certain that you’ll get the most money back from your safety deposit because the apartment or home will be sparkling clean when you leave. Move out cleanings are deep cleanings intended to get your place ready for the next tenants. We know what landlords and homeowners want to see in regards to cleanliness. We do cleaning with military inspection in mind!


Need your office cleaned in a snap? Having important clients over?...
Legacy Services has you covered. We are committed to a happy work place! Our expert services include:
• Cleaning and maintaining bathrooms and break rooms
• Lightly cleaning desks
• Emptying trash and replacing bags
• Dusting and vacuuming
• Making sure the front office is perfectly cleaned and polished, ready for your customers!

First impressions count...so do the second and third. Don't let your clients and potential clients come away with the wrong impression of your business. A messy, unorganized workplace is not an effective place for your employees and does not convey an appropriate image to your clients.


Post construction cleaning means a lot of dust. As a matter of fact there is dust everywhere!
At Legacy Services we understand that construction areas are dusty! We start at the top on overheard fans and high dusting and work our way down to the floors, all the while using microfiber cleaning towels, dust mops and triple filtration vacuum cleaners. Working in teams of at least two, we are supplied with professional supplies and equipment.
Let us help you enjoy your new construction, less the dust and dirt that is inevitable. We help homeowners and contractors with the final clean and polish that makes the home construction well worth it! We leave your new construction in move-in ready condition.


Specializing in Legacy Services Party Clean Up Special occasions are the spice of life! Take the stress out of after party cleaning with a professional cleaning crew. Use our after party cleaning services for your next party! Be it a football Sunday, a get together with friends, a special holiday event, or the happiest day of your life, you can rely on Legacy Services to take care of your party clean up needs. Company coming? We are a phone call away to help you get ready to impress your friends and family, and of course for your own peace of mind! Since Legacy Services are discreet and team players we will work to coordinate with your party planner or caterer. Your party will be seamless and stress free!


To begin any regular service it's always prudent to begin with "catch up" cleaning, otherwise known as a deep clean. We get you all caught up with cleaning so that we can then go forward with the regular or maintenance cleaning.
Please be advised that the Deep Cleaning process is more involved and therefore takes longer than a maintenance cleaning. We focus on blinds, insides of windows, cobwebs, overhead fans, cleaning all those pesky corners, behind furniture, baseboards, catch up cleaning in the kitchen, refrigerator, bathroom build-up...baseboards, etc.


Regular maintenance cleaning is just that...we keep your home maintained with a shine and a smile! We make sure the bathrooms are spotless, organized, polished and smell good! All dusting, polishing and vacuuming is done. Kitchen stove tops are polished, appliances shine, counter tops and small appliances shined and polished. Refrigerator is maintained. Corners cleaned. You could eat off the floors when we finish! Also, we change bedding, sheets, pillowcases, organize towels in the bathrooms, make sure all laundry goes to the proper place.


We are experienced and not afraid to begin a daunting task! We can help unpack and organize your home, big or small! We can help when it comes to organizing your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room!

We can make your new home "user friendly". Things you use every day are right where you expect them to be!


The environment is important to us. We make every effort to protect, rather than pollute, the environment while we clean. We have a wide variety of milder totally organic cleaners, if you are a mom who is pregnant or if you have sensitive littles or pets at home.
We also used triple filtration vacuums to rid the dust in your home. We know how to approach your concerns and which cleaners the safest all are around. We can determine through a phone call which services and products will be ideal for your particular circumstance.


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